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For Japanese government-sponsored students

Please ask International Student Section if you require more details on any of the following.

Scholarship Application Procedures

To receive a scholarship provided under the Japanese government scholarship program for international students, you must sign in with the designated registry of Japanese government scholarship students at the beginning of each month and file a request. If you cannot sign or file a request during the designated period due to reasons such as travel, please notify International Student Section in advance.

If you are awarded a scholarship, the funds are deposited in your designated post office savings account around the end of every month. Please note that the payment for the scholarship for April may be delayed, as this is the beginning of the new fiscal and academic year in Japan. Furthermore, no scholarship funds are disbursed for months in which a student is out of Japan for
any length of time (even one day).

Extension of Scholarship Payment Period

Japanese government-sponsored students who have reached the end of the scholarship payment period can apply to extend the payment period if they meet several conditions. Eligible international students will be notified of the application procedures in around November. If you are eligible and would like to be granted a payment extension, please complete the procedures by
the designated deadline.

Final approval of extension applications is made by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology after documents are screened. Since there are many applicants for extensions every year, a student is not assured of being granted an extension. In particular, scholarship payment extensions are not granted to master’s and doctoral course students who are
repeating a given year of study. Accordingly, if you are unlikely to obtain a payment extension, and if you need to continue your studies beyond the scholarship payment period, we recommend that you make arrangements to ensure that you are able to pay your university fees by such means as applying for the aforementioned private scholarships.

Termination of Scholarships

Scholarships for Japanese government-sponsored students admitted in or after 2008 can be terminated for one or more of a number of reasons, such as poor grades (repeating a given year of study) or bad conduct.

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