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For international undergraduate students, a Japanese-Language Course and Japanese Culture Course are offered. International undergraduate students are required to study the Japanese language as their first foreign language (Language and Culture Basic Course) and English as their second foreign language.

Japanese-Language Courses: Japanese-language courses include Japanese Language I (spring semester), Japanese Language II (fall semester), and Japanese Language III (third semester)
Japanese Culture Courses: Japanese culture courses include Japanese Culture A (first or third semester), C (third semester), and E (third semester), and Japanese Culture B (second or fourth semester) and D (fourth semester)

In the areas of Language and Culture Courses and Humanities and Social Science Studies, the classes for international undergraduate students are different from those for local students. Please note the following points:

In addition, the following advanced courses not included in the Japanese-Language Course and Japanese Culture Course are available for international undergraduate students.

Language and Culture Intermediate Course:
Advanced Japanese (fourth semester)

Advanced Course (seminars by theme):
Japanese Communication A (fifth or seventh semester)
Japanese Communication B (sixth or eighth semester)

For more information, please ask at the Undergraduate Academic Administration Section of Academic Administration Office or a faculty of a Japanese-Language Course/Japanese Culture Course at CIPE.


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