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[Update] Street Walking with Japan Culture Experience 2017

This event was held.

Message from Chofu City hall

Do you want to enjoy Chofu & Fuda? “旧道さんぽ 2017(Street Walking with Japanese Culture Experience)”held by Chofu city hall. Local shops around Chofu & Fuda station welcome international students and have a tour stopping at some shops to experience Japanese culture. The tour ends up at Fuda shrine where Autumn festival is held on the same day.

We'd like to have not only the international students, but also the people who are interested in Japanese culture. Please come and join us!

250-evect20171103-e-1.jpg  250-evect20171103-e-2.jpg


Friday, November 3, 2017 (11:00~14:00)
Meet Up Point: Convenience Store (LOWSON) in front of Fuda station.


Writing: Japanese calligraphy
Chopsticks: Try to pick up beans
Sake: a traditional ceremony to open barrel sake by cracking
Expelling: Scatter roasted soybeans to drive demons away
Harp: Try to play Koto(Japanese traditional harp)
Tea: Complimentary green tea




Contact to Chofu city hall by email with your information 31th Oct  2dn Nov 17:00.
Kankou(Here put the @)

  1. Name(in ひらがな or カタカナ)
  2. Name(in English)
  3. Phone Number(if you have)
  4. Address
  5. Age
  6. Sex
  7. Nationality


Created: October 25, 2017 / Last modified:October 31, 2017