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Spring, 2024 Call for Applications: UEC International Special Program(Announcement for Self-financed International Students and Japanese Students)


1. Outline

The UEC International Special Program ((MICH[1]  , AiQuSci[2]  and SESS[3] )) is an international cooperative educational program. In this program, MEXT scholarship students, self-financed international students, and Japanese students will learn together and from each other, and deepen mutual understanding.
Refer to the Handbook (TENTATIVE. Only accessible from your UEC google account) for detailed information of this program.
If you are already participating in this program, you do not need to apply via the google forms below.

What is the UEC International Special Program ((MICH , AiQuSci and SESS ))?

MICH,AiQuSci and SESS are the MEXT* Scholarship Special Programs that recruit MEXT scholarship students from overseas. These programs offer cooperative educational programs for MEXT scholarship students, self-financed international students, and Japanese students at UEC. We call this international cooperative educational program conducted at UEC, the UEC International Special Program (MICH,AiQuSci and SESS)
(hereinafter called “Special Program”)
*MEXT: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan

Why should I join the Special Program?

The Special Program offers many opportunities to study together with other students from various backgrounds. Take advantage of the chance to learn from peers who have different language and culture, and develop a global network!
Strongly recommended for someone who wants to:
-make friends with Japanese and international students
-boost language skills through activities with a language partner
-connect to global community and work on a global stage

Expected roles

In principle, Japanese students and MEXT scholarship students or self-financed international students are paired up/grouped to participate in the following activities. The students are expected:
-To become a language partner and provide support for the acquisition of Japanese, English, or other second languages.
-To become friends with their language partner.
-To participate in classes and events designated by this Special Program with their language partner as much as possible.
-To expand the network of Japanese and international students beyond the language partnership by getting to know the language partner’s acquaintances and communities.

2. Participation and Completion of the Special Program

Self-financed international students and Japanese students may participate the Special Program for one semester, one year, or until graduation.
A certificate of participation in the Special Program will be issued at the end of each semester if the requirements for participation are met. If you fulfill the requirements for completion of the Special Program on your graduation, you will receive a certificate of the program completion with together  your graduation certificate.

3. Special Program Participation Benefits

Special Award
Privately financed international students and Japanese students can receive a special award of 20,000 JPY each semester as a reward for your contributions, especially as a language partner. 
Conditions will apply to the above benefits. Refer the Handbook for detailed information.

4. Applying for the Program


1. You must be either:

-Graduate student
- Undergraduate student
-International Research Student
-JUSST Program Student

2. Understand the purpose of this Special Program and agree with it

Recruitment number for Spring semester 2024

About 30 Self-financed International students and 60 Japanese students to join the program from April 2024.

Application Deadline

9a.m. Friday, April 12, 2024

Selection and results

The committee will make a selection and the results will be notified in late-Spring, 2024.

Application procedures and selection

Apply via the Google application form. 
Read the Handbook (TENTATIVE. Only accessible from your UEC google account) thoroughly before applying.
Application google form
The Application google form is only accessible from your UEC google account
QR cord.jpg
※Items to be filled out in the Google form. You should prepare it before start filling out the form. 
Through participation in this Special Program,
What do you want to accomplish?
How can you contribute to UEC's development and this Special Program?
Why are you interested in this Special Program?
Examples of cross-cultural exchanges you have experienced 
How much you are motivated and interested in learning a foreign language
Please summarize your thoughts and experiences in about 60 - 120 words for each ① to ⑤. 
※Language Partner Preference Questionnaire
If you have a specific preference, fill in the respective fields in the Google Form so that we can use it as a reference for pairing.
Japanese Language Proficiency Level
Foreign languages other than English
④ Available time for activities
Number of hours per week
Other (free description)

2023/8/10 UEC International Special Program Recruitment Briefing(Only Japanese)

※Accessible only through UEC account。

 Student Experience

For inquiries, please contact
UEC International Student Office

[1] 多面的国際連携ハブに資する人材群育成プログラム(Student Development Program for Multifaceted International Collaboration Hub(MICH))(Adopted in FY 2019)The program aims to develop human resources who can contribute to innovation by studying both BAIS (Big data, AI, Security) and M/MES (Mechanical/Material Engineering Science), which are two contrasting disciplines.

[2] AI と量子科学の融合が創るイノベーティブ人材群~新型コロナ時代のグローバル教育プログラム(Fusion of AI and Quantum Sciences for Developing Innovative Human Resources: Global Education Program in the COVID-19 Era(AiQuSci))(Adopted in FY 2020)Based on the mechanism established by MICH, this is an educational program for new era under the COVID-19, which aims to develop a variety of AI human resources in the concept of "Quantum Science × AI × Social Implementation".

[3] 共創進化スマート社会を牽引する高度人材育成プログラム(Leadership Development Program for Self-Evolving Smart Societies(SESS))(Adopted in FY 2022)The program aims at furthering human capital by cultivating a strong group pf mature researchers who will lead Self-Evolving Smart Societies by training in diverse fileds of experts.

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