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Emergency Student Support Handout for Continuing Studies: Application Guide

29 May 2020
To: International Students
From: ISO Office
Application for Emergency Student Support Handout is as follows.
Application Period: Friday 29 May 2020 - Wednesday 10 June 2020 at 17:00

How to Apply 

1. Apply via LINE (Only good at Japanese)
Apply for Emergency Student Support Handout by the system
Please, see here (in Japanese) :
2. If you cannot apply via LINE (Not good at Japanese), please download and fill out the application documents on the websites of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and email them to the Student Services Section( a PDF file.
Application Guide
Application Documents
-Form 1 Application for Emergency Student Support Handout
-Form 2 Oath Concerning Requirements to Receive the Emergency Student Support Handout
-Documentations proving you meet the handout criteria (Please see page number 7 of Application Guide)
1) You are not receiving large sums from family.
2) You generally do not live in a supporter's residence.
3) Your part-time income accounts for a large percentage of funds for paying daily expenses and tuition
4) Due to a loss of income for your family (by either parent) or other such reason, you do not expect to receive additional support from family
5) You have lost a significant amount (50% or more compared to the previous month) of part-time income due to the coronavirus. 6) (Not required for international students.)
7) An international student or the like must fulfill the following criteria IN ADDITION TO experiencing economic hardship accompanying the novel coronavirus pandemic
- You are a student with excellent grades. Specifically, your average grades for the previous school year must be 2.30 or higher.
- Your monthly attendance is at least 80%.
- You receive an average of no more than 90,000 yen in monthly remittances (not including funds for paying admission fees, test fees, etc.).
- Your supporter in Japan has an annual income of less than 5 million yen.
Email to the Student Services Section
Please email to the Student Services Section, Student Services Office ( from your UEC email account and include the following details.
Email subject/heading should be
[your student number], [full name], Emergency Student Support Handout
Example: 1830199, John Smith, Emergency Student Support Handout
Email body message is not required. Emails other than UEC email are considered as fishing mails, so make sure to send us from your UEC email account. To avoid the risk of getting mixed up in a large amount of emails sent to us, follow the above example on subject/heading.
We check E-mails around 11:30 am and 4:30 pm on weekdays and reply to them.
3. Notes:
- Please refer to the guidelines of the Emergency Student Support Handout for Continuing Studies (For Students)
- Please make sure to check "Standard Requirements for the Applicant" on the page number 5.
- We have received individual inquiries in detail regarding application qualifications, although it is difficult for us to answer all the details before application submission. Application qualification should be met as described on the page number 9 (Q&A) of the above application guidelines; however, UEC will ultimately make a comprehensive decision based on individual application.
- UEC will review all application documents, and selected applicants will be recommend to JASSO. UEC may contact applicants if there is any further question. Please make sure to respond promptly.  
4. Additional Notes for international students
- This “Emergency Student Support Handout学生支援緊急給付金” is different from “Special benefit from JAPAN government特別定額給付金” as part of the COVID-19 economic stimulus package by Japanese government. 
About “Special benefit from JAPAN government特別定額給付金”
- The number of recipients is limited. All applicants will be screened and prioritized by submitted application documents. 
- Non-regular students including research student e.t.c. are also eligible to apply.
- The amount of benefit will be 200,000 JPY with the certificate of exemption from residence tax. 
-Without the certificate, the amount of benefit will be 100,000 JPY.
-You can ask the certificate to the municipal office of your residency in Japan.
-Many of international students must be exempted from residence tax due to low annual income (under 1,000,000 JPY / year) ”
- Above 2.3 points of JASSO-GPA is favorable for international students, although you can apply even in under 2.3 points. Please note that JASSO-GPA is 3.0 scale and different from 4.0 scale of UEC-GPA. If you want to know your score of JASSO-GPA, please contact with ISO.”
- If any changes arise, we will inform you.

Created: June 2, 2020 / Last modified:June 4, 2020