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【Covid19 Measures】University Response to COVID-19 (June 25th)

University Response to COVID-19 (June 25th)

University Response to COVID-19 posted in the past shall be listed in the following link:

COVID-19 information for students posted in the past shall be listed the following link:

Please, check the above link again for the latest information.

[Important things] See the following updated information (June 25th)

1. In general, this semester’s classes shall be offered remotely.

2. Be prepared to attend school from August 1st.

- After August 1st, some face-to-face research activities/exercises in the laboratories are scheduled to resume.

- After August 1st, face-to-face classes shall begin in some subjects.

3. Rest of the above-mentioned activity, please refrain from coming to UEC.


- In the event of research guidance for graduation thesis or dissertation with unavoidable serious reasons, the minimum required attendance is acceptable until June 30th.

- After July 1st, the laboratory-assigned students shall be allowed to attend UEC campus.

- Follow your supervisor’s direction when you are in the laboratory.

- Show your student ID to the security station at the main and west gate.

4. UEC have set up a COVID-19 consultation service for students.

5. All services at the Academic Administration Office, Student Services Office, and Admission office shall remain closed.

6. The Welfare facilities such as co-op, etc. are scheduled to resume sequentially.

7. The limited opening of the UEC library begins July 1st.

- Further details is here;

Make sure to set up your UEC account to send/receive emails outside of UEC

Created: June 26, 2020 / Last modified:June 26, 2020