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AY2023 Fall Semester Online Networking for UEC Students in Graduate School of IE

This event was held.

   The purpose of this event is 1) the new (int'l) students enrolled in UEC in this October meet the other UEC students online and make acquaintances, and 2) the current UEC (int'l) students make new connections with the students out of "his/her current UEC society." In this networking, you have to respect others, and then learn something you have never known of or share your ideas that others never know of.
    You have to understand that, in this networking event, the first common language is English, the second is Japanese, and then your own language is acceptable only when all the persons in the same room understand it, especially in Part 1 (speed networking).

Date and time:

16:30- 18:00, Tuesday, September 26 (JST)


UEC Zoom ※Applicants will receive a notification via email on the day of the event.
Participants and Requirements:
1. Anyone related with School and Graduate School of IE with a UEC cloud account, i.e. regular program students and research students at Graduate School of IE, UEC Exchange Students, students at School of IE who are considering entering Graduate School of IE, and UEC faculty members/staff.
2. Anyone who can use UEC Zoom and can introduce himself/herself in English. (Common language: English, Japanese may be used in some parts)


・16:30-16:40 Pretalk
・16:50-17:10 Part 1 (Speed Networking)
・17:10-17:40 Part 2 (Interaction by major, region of origin, etc.)

Registration Form and Deadline:
Deadline: September 25, 17:00 (Japan time)

Prohibited actions:

    The followings are prohibited to participate in this event: political or religious topics or solicitations, defamation of other culture or countries, bad language or harassment of fixed people, and/or conversations on topics that many people find offensive. In addition, if this event will have a negative impact on your future life, report it to faculty members of IEC or Int'l Student Office staff as soon as possible.

Contact on this event:

 (International Student Advisor at International Eduation Center)
※Please be sure to include your name and status (master's student, research student, etc.) in the e-mail.

Created: September 13, 2023 / Last modified:September 13, 2023