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Extension of period of stay

UPDATE/ 8th, July, 2020
From January 2020, Online VISA application system is available!
From 3 months before the expired date, online application is possible. Please start to work on as soon as possible

Only the following students are able to apply for VISA extension via ONLINE system.

1. VISA status is “Student”
2. At the time of application, you have been enrolled in UEC as research, undergraduate, and graduate student
3. The latest residence card has been submitted to ISO(International Student Office).
【Students not eligible for online system】
- Undergraduate students who has repeated a year.
- Graduate student who has repeated a year more than two times (Please contact with ISO in advance if you have repeated just one year for Online application) 
- New enrollment student / Students before entering UEC (Excluding internal students)
… To use the online system, it is required that the university has registered international students with the immigration Bureau.
Registration for new students in April (or October) will be completed around mid-May (or mid-November, respectively), so if you are a new student whose expiration date is before that, please contact us at the time of admission procedure or contact us immediately after admission.
Students who are not able to use ONLINE system must apply at the counter of Immigration Bureau by a paper application.
Please refer to the following page for required documents for extension for your student VISA.

【List of Submission for Online VISA extension】

 ★…Required items for all students
ONLINE Resident Renewal Application ★
- File name must be “online_ your student number _your name”  Ex: online_1900001_UEC taro
- Please use Japanese or English (Traditional and simplified Chinese characters are not supported in online system)
- The application form has 3 sheets in total. Please fill in all the orange sheets.
*There are many students who fill out and submit ONLY the first sheet. Please check the application form carefully.
- Please make sure that the contents are correct
- Save/submit the file format as “.xlsx”  (Please DO NOT submit the file in numbers or pdf format)
Face ID photo ★
Many students send wrong photo! Please be sure to check the following notes
- File name must ne “online_ your student number _your name”  Ex: online_1900001_UEC taro
- Please attach your face photo directly to the email
- Jpeg or ipg file
- Clearly to see your face
- height 4cm X width 3cm
- without a background including shadows
- Photographed within 3 months (Important!)
*Photos that have been submitted to the Immigration Bureau ONCE, such as those used for a COE application or the previous residence renewal, CAN NOT BE ACCEPTED!.
More guideline for the face photo
* If you want to take a photograph of yourself by a smartphone etc., please make sure that the photo satisfies all regulations.
Attendance & Grade certificate of previous school
- Students who enrolled in a Japanese language school before enrolling in UEC MUST SUBMIT
(Students who enrolled in a Japanese language school while staying in Japan in the past should submit it each time the period of stay is renewed.)
- Jpeg or pdf file
Letter from supervisor (所見書/shoken-sho)
- Research student in the second year MUST SUBMIT
- Be sure to get your supervisor’s signature or seal.
- File format must be submitted in "Jpeg" or "pdf", and the original must be submitted to ISO counter at later.
Letter for repeating a year (理由書/riyuu-sho)
- Students who have repeated a year first time MUST SUBMIT
- Make sure you clearly indicate the reason for repeating a year and the scheduled completion time.
- Be sure to put your own seal or signature
- Be sure to get your supervisor's signature or seal
- File format must be submitted in "Jpeg" or "pdf", and the original must be submitted to ISO counter at later

【Flow of online procedures】

1. Download and fill out the “Online Resident Renewal Application” 
2. Submit the set of applications to ISO by email
Submit to :
* The subject of the email should be "online_student number_name"  Ex: online_1900001_UEC taro
* When you compress the file, please submit it in zip format (NOT in rar format)
* For research students in the second year, you must submit “letter from supervisor"
3. International Student Office will apply for extension of period of stay via Online system.
- After ISO applies, you will receive a notice of reception of application from the Immigration Bureau by e-mail.
- It takes 2 weeks to 1 month to complete the verifying and screening of the application.
4. Once you receive the e-mail notification form ISO after verifying and screening of immigration bureau, go to the immigration bureau to receive your residence card
- Belongings: Passport, residence card, Fee(4,000Yen) and smartphone (you need to show the notification of examination to immigration office staff)
- [Receiving location]
If you live in Tokyo, Pick up will be from either Shinagawa or Tachikawa 
If you live in Kanagawa, Pick up will be from either "Shinagawa", "Yokohama" or "Kawasaki".
 (Please let me know your choice when you submit application document)
If you live in Saitama, Pick up will be from either "Shinagawa", "Saitama" or "Takasaki".
 (Please let me know your choice when you submit application document)
 *In case of other prefectures, ISO staff will separately ask you.
5. After you received new residence card, go to city hall to extend a validated date of National Health Insurance
- Resident registration, pensions or ect. are directly contacted by the Immigration Bureau, so no procedures are required individually.
6. Bring your new residence card and National Health Insurance card to ISO.
- You can submit by email. Please send us a PDF or photo of the front and back of your residence card and the front of your insurance card.
Submit to : *when you submit via email, please indicate your name and student ID.
- If you do not submit, we will not be able to support you in the future.

[Download Application form and document format form]

ONLINE Resident Renewal Application 
Letter from supervisor (所見書/shoken-sho)
Letter for repeating a year (理由書/riyuu-sho)

Created: February 27, 2020 / Last modified: July 15, 2020